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I am Edythe White, I am going to be 27 in May 2007. I am surrounded by people who have cancer, survived cancer, and unfortunately greatly miss, the ones who didn't. Never the less, I realize that life is not meant to be a struggle, but I am willing to fight, cry and if it comes to it bleed to find a cure for cancer. I have two young girls now, and it is common in my family for the women to get breast cancer. This I fear for them. That is why, when my daughter's great grandmother survived breast cancer, and posted her blog, she enlightened me. I have to be a part of finding the cure now, not just for me and for you and for my children but for every person out there who has a loved one or who has survived or doesn't know yet that they have cancer. We walked on the Moon for crying out loud, people used to die from the Flu and we overcame that hurdle, let's overcome Cancer!!!! Together!!!! I have a Fight to Cure Cancer pin on my Visor in my car, my Mother and I buy all the pink stuff in the stores in October and give it out to all of our friends. We are so in this fight!!!!!

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December 4, 2006

Everett, Washington

May 19, 1980

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My Granfather James died of Lung Cancer in 1981, my Grandmother Elizabeth died with a rare liver cancer in 1999, At some point or another my aunt Ruby had a full masectomy, my aunt Betty had several surgeries to remove lumps in her breasts, my Grandmother Lois had a lung removed in 2003, my Mother had Cervical Cancer in 2004


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